• 5, Alhaja Complex by Kekere Bus Stop, Along Addo Road Ajah Lekki, Lagos.
  • 9:00am - 11:00pm ( EVERY WEDNESDAY )
  • Pastor Shalom Adebisi (080-2966-2961, 070-6423-3583)

Visitation to The Orphanage Home (Peculiar Saint Orphanage)

Orphanage Ministry

There are lots of children out there on the streets due to the high rate of poverty; they are roaming about aimlessly having nowhere to lay their heads. John 10:10 says that Christ came that all may enjoy life abundantly – the hungry, thirsty, and the naked need to be cared for before they can listen to the word of God. Therefore, this ministry takes the gospel to the neglected outside the church in the streets, market places, etc. How can they be ministered unto?

  1. The church can on a quarterly basis look for where such children are concentrated, prepare some food items, feed these children and later talk to them about Jesus.
  2. Plan to have a one on one chat with them, ask about their parents and know the reason while they are there on the street.
  3. You can by this reconcile them back for some of them might have run away from home for fear of being punished for an offence they committed.
  4. Some must have lost contact with their parents or guardians, take such to Social welfare of your state and have proper documentation. Then, you can arrange for a guardian in your church or any known Good Samaritan to take him or her into their homes.

Your church can also arrange to take such to motherless home and assume some responsibilities.